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La Paz Capital tour
la paz capital tour

About La Paz

A wonderful tour to the state capital of La Paz, founded by Hernan Cortez and known before as Puerto de La Santa Cruz. La Paz is an interesting and historical city.

It was on May 3rd, 1535, that Hernan Cortéz first arrived at what is now La Paz, naming it Villa de la Santa Cruz. Cortéz mounted the first of many attempts to conquer the Peninsula, but after several years of efforts the expeditions failed due to lack of food and water as well as the occasional ferocious attacks by natives. California has always resisted being conquered by force. Only the missionaries succeeded, utilizing spiritual force to tame this land, as well as those who came to work it. 

Tour Itinerary

Pick up time at hotel or private address:
Cabo San Lucas: 07:15hrs
Tourist Corridor: 07:30hrs
San José del Cabo: 07:45hrs
Back to your hotel: Around 7:00 pm

Stop in two charming mountains town on the way to La Paz: San Bartolo and El Triunfo
The road to La Paz will unfold upon the can't-miss rock formation on Balandra Beach, followed by the regional historical museum, the main plaza and Nuestra Señora de La Paz cathedral.
Time for lunch and shopping.
Return on the pacific scenic road.
Stop in Todos Santos and visit its infamous Hotel California just in time to catch a coveted Pacific Ocean sunset before heading back to Los Cabos.Los Cabos to La Paz road map

Tour Information

Frecuency: Every Wednesday
Private Every day.
No suitable for cruise passengers
Duration: 12 hours
  Adult: $75 USD
  Child (11 - 4 ) $40 USD

  Children 4 and under for free.
  Private $650 for up to 10 people
Transportation: A / C Van
Refreshing drinks (beer, sodas & water)
Certified bilingual guide
Suggested tip $20+

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